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June 26, 2019

Why It’s Important to Protect Your Eyes

Most people know that they need to protect their skin from the sun. Unfortunately, far too many people forget the importance of eye protection as well. Of course, you can’t put sunscreen on your eyes, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some proven ways to give your eyes a bit more protection. It can […]

Eye Damage plus
May 25, 2019

Do Video Games Cause Eye Damage?

We spend more time staring at screens than ever before. From HD televisions to smartphones, we are seemingly glued to devices. For gamers, staring at a monitor or laptop screen is a vital part of the hobby, and they can spend many hours at a time being immersed in an online or offline narrative. In […]

contact-lenses-summerville-sc plus
April 1, 2019

A Beginner’s Guide to Contact Lenses

Are you considering trading your glasses in for some quality contact lenses? As an eye care center in Summerville, SC we know that many people get glasses at different points in their lives, but making the move from your regular glasses to contact lenses isn’t easy. However, by taking several easy steps, you’ll be able to […]

dry-eyes-summerville-sc plus
March 1, 2019

The Causes and Solutions for Dry Eyes

If you are a sufferer of dry eyes, you will be familiar with the uncomfortable feeling they can cause and the general irritation this can being to your day to day life. Understanding the exact causes for dry eyes, and discovering the best solutions, can help you eradicate or lessen the problem of dry eyes […]

eye-infections-summerville-sc plus
February 1, 2019

Six Common Eye Infections: What to Do

As an eye care center in Summerville, SC we know that your eyes are incredibly sensitive, which is why it’s no wonder that you are highly protective of them. Without our eyes, we lose out on an entire sense. When they are inflamed, injured, or infected, it isn’t just something we can wait out, especially […]

age-related-eye-issues-summerville-sc plus
January 1, 2019

 6 Signs and Symptoms of Age-Related Eye Problems

The older that you get, the more likely you are to start having issues with your vision. While eye problems can happen at any age, it is an unavoidable consequence of a long life that vision problems are going to become more likely. Here in Summerville, we always advise patients that they need to have […]

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